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Celebrating almost 30 years

Celebrating almost 30 years of publication for 50+ aged readers, The Senior News offers a unique blend of humor, human interest stories, and articles pertaining to arts and entertainment, travel, health, legal issues, money and much, much more. Always fresh, always interesting.

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Wanna be famous? We have a lot of fun with this one! Just submit a photo of you holding The Senior News in front of a famous landmark, sign, vacation spot or public personality to mark@theseniornews.com. We pick a new photo every month and if selected you will win a $25.00 gasoline card (and all the trappings of fame and fortune!)


The Senior News also regularly features columns and pages that our readers have deemed favorites. We include these in every issue to avoid any further incidents of mean e-mails and tomatoes being tossed at our cars in the parking lot. Some of these regular features include:  
  • Jokes, recipes, games and puzzle pages
  • Classified ads with a "Personals" section
  • Caregivers column, Social Security column, Legal column
  • Other established regular columnists that cover a wide range of topics and nostalgia, at most times with a sense of humor

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